It’s a war, not just one battle

Yesterday was a good day, in that I got a lot done. None of which, of course, had anything to do with writing.

I’m not as bad as I used to be. When I was younger, I’d put everything off. Now I merely postpone the most important, the most meangingful things.

Yesterday, doodling on my phone while riding on the train to an appointment, I made a meme:


I choose my attitude!


We all do, of course, although there can be a miriad of underlying factors. Anxiety is a big one for me, the anxiety arising out of my Aspergers (with sides of ADHD and OCD).

How much should a psychological diagnosis effect how I live my life?

In some ways it can’t help but effect me. It’s the way I am, the way my brain is wired. If I’m in a room with flickering fluorescent lights, or random loud noises, or lots of people talking loudly I have difficulty functioning. (Do you remember the open office trend late last century? Those places were a nightmare to people like me!)

However there must be a point where I can no longer blame my external environment.

There’s an internal place where, if I can get there, I can achieve everything I want to do.

Time to go exploring…


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