Pan’s People (Extract)

Pan’s People

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Emma slipped out from beneath Matt’s arm and stood without disturbing him. Naked and proud she walked toward the stranger, knowing deep within he was no threat to her or Matt.

“What a magnificent woman,” the stranger said, his deep voice inflected by a slight foreign accent. “Long, strong legs, legs that could run marathons. A belly that invites a man to find his comfort there. Breasts superb enough to make any man pant with longing. And your hair, the brilliant gold of dawn before a stormy day.”

All her adult life Emma had considered herself too tall, too ungainly, and too awkward, even though she’d excelled in any sport at school. She knew her breasts were far too large for her to look good in modern fashions. Now, for the first time in her life, she knew what the stranger said was true. At that moment she was indeed magnificent.

“Your man wanted to watch you being fucked by a cock not his own.”

She nodded.

“Would he like to watch you being fucked by me?”

A massive erection distorted the stranger’s loose, linen trousers. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Matt was awake and watching them intently. He’d heard the stranger’s question. He nodded and smiled his approval, an excited look in his eyes.

She looked back at the stranger. His eyes were almost black in the dim light. Now all she could think about was how much she wanted him. How much she needed him to fuck her. Right now. Right here.

The look in his dark eyes told her he was feeling exactly the same way.

She nodded her assent.

His gaze never leaving hers, he wrapped his arms around her with the strength of a vise and crushed her full breasts against the solid muscles of his chest. She buried her hands in his hair, dragged his lips to hers. His tongue was thick inside her mouth, his lips and teeth demanding everything she had to give him.

Her legs began to give way, and he leaned her against the boulder. She felt the roughness of the stone digging into her back, but nothing mattered in her blind need for him. She groped for his erection as his trousers slid to the ground. He groped for her arse cheeks. He was lifting her onto him.

“Wait!” she cried, as one last speck of common sense filtered through the haze of lust.

“Why?” he growled. He picked her up and buried himself to the hilt in her, all in one swift movement.

Emma couldn’t answer. Somewhere in the part of her mind that was still functioning, she knew this was insane. A total stranger was fucking her while her husband, the man she loved, watched from a few feet away. But she clung to the stranger’s shoulders, dug her fingers deep into his tense muscles. She locked her ankles behind his back and took his thrusts into her body, loving every moment, every movement.

Over and over again he pushed into her. She’d never felt anyone so far within her before. They were one organism, one primal being, with neither will nor volition except their joining. She accepted him, welcomed him, used her body to wrap her entire being around him. Her orgasm grew—a wild, living thing inside her.

“Now,” the stranger said, and thrust one more time.

Emma felt as though lightning had struck her, as though its white-hot fire had ripped through her body. They both cried out. He held her tightly for a few more moments, one arm beneath her arse, the other holding her close, before letting her slip slowly to the ground. Her legs could barely hold her.


To be continued…

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