Punishment (Extract)

“Good morning, Mr. Browne!” Tracy flung open the bedroom curtains to let in soft autumn sunshine.

“You’re very cheerful today, Mrs. Jones,” answered Philip. He smiled up at her from his huge bed.

As usual in the mornings, Tracy helped him out of bed and into his wheelchair. The upper half of his body was immensely strong, as he insisted on using a mechanical wheelchair and not a motorised one. Once in the bathroom, he would easily move from the chair to a bench in the shower.

She made Philip’s bed and tidied his bedroom, then waited until she heard the water running.

“Mr. Browne!” she called.

“Mrs. Jones?”

“I was just wondering…”

“Yes, Mrs. Jones?”

“Do you need any assistance?”

Tracy swung the bathroom door open. She had slipped off her shoes in the bedroom and knew the light from the window behind her would shine through the thin fabric of her light cotton dress, accentuating the curves of her waist and hips.

She wore nothing beneath it.

Philip sat in the shower, holding a washcloth, the warm water pouring over his smooth, lightly tanned skin. His sleek, wet hair gleamed darkly, giving Tracy a glimpse of how devastatingly handsome he must have been as a younger man. A few stray shampoo bubbles clung to his shoulders and trickled down his broad chest.

Tracy closed the door behind her and walked toward him. “Perhaps I could rinse your hair for you?”

“Mrs. Jones, I…” Philip swallowed, for once lost for words.

The shower stall had been designed especially for his needs. No rim separated it from the main part of the room, no curtain hindered her progress. Tracy walked straight into it, letting the warm water saturate her hair and dress, and stood between his parted legs.

The light fabric of the dress clung to her belly and breasts and thighs. Her erect nipples pushed against the damp fabric.

“Mrs. Jones,” he groaned.

Tracy glanced at Philip’s lap and noted his growing erection. She wanted to reach out and caress it, as she had so many times before. This time, she restrained herself. This time, it was up to Philip.

He didn’t disappoint her.

To be continued…

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