A warm welcome to my wonderful beta readers! Looking forward to any advice and feedback you care to give me.

You can read the final draft of my current book via this page. If you have any problems please email me on TheJaneNew@gmail.com, (not the contact email on the website, I’m having problems with it still) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. My answer may not be immediate as I’m a bit of a nomad, and internet reception can be variable, but I will answer.

Please note that pages will be loaded over a period of days. Access the next set of chapters either via the link at the foot of the section or by returning to this page.

I’d be immensely grateful if you could tell me about:

  • Ordinary old typos – spelling, punctuation, grammar. When I’ve looked at a manuscript a few times I stop picking up basic errors.
  • Character name inconsistencies – I’ve changed a few of the names, pretty sure I’ve found them all with Search and Replace in Word, but you never know. (See above.)
  • Plot inconsistencies, things like giving someone grey eyes in one chapter and hazel eyes in the next.

Don’t worry if you don’t find any of the above! My main reason for having beta readers is that I’m hoping you enjoy the book. Knowing a few people actually like it makes all the difference as I prepare to launch it on an unsuspecting public.

I have one last, small request. If you do enjoy it please drop me a line or two, perhaps even a paragraph, on why you liked it. I’ll use this as a review on the landing page of this website. (I won’t attach your full name unless you give me permission.) Reviews really, really help in this modern world.

And tell all your friends!

Many, many thanks in advance.

Prologue & Chapters 1 to 4

Chapters 5 to 9

Chapters 10 to 14

Chapters 15 to 19

Chapters 20 to 24

Chapters 25 to 29

Chapters 30 to 34

Chapters 35 to 39 & Epilogue