Tired of Tenacles?

For those who aren’t on Facebook, and some of you who are, today I started a private Facebook group called Jane New’s Naughty Stories. To join, follow this link.

The idea is to have a forum to discuss erotica, specifically the style of erotica I write. I created it because when I tried joining an erotica group on Facebook, thinking it might be good for publicity, all, and I do mean all, the stories listed were either BDSM or tentacle porn. Now I actually like octopuses (octopi?), but not enough to want to fuck one, and BDSM has been done to death since 50 Shades launched that particular ship.  While I’m on my hobby horse, guys with abs may look great on yet another book cover, but have you ever had one as a lover? In my experience, they’ve often spent way too much time in a gym and are more interested in how they look than in whether or not you’re having a good time together.

My stories feature relatable characters, people we can identify with. Women over 30, or 40, or 50 are definitely sexy, and so are (most) men, disabled people, and the guy who comes to cut the grass. To me, sex is about having fun, exploring sensations, and new ideas. Boundaries can be expanded. Of course, that’s all part of the adventure.

In the Group, you’ll see I’m looking for ARC readers for my short erotica. (ARC = Advance Reader Copy.) The idea is you read the story, and if you like it, you leave a (hopefully 5-star) review once it’s published. And tell your friends all about it, of course.

Tell your friends anyway! Tell them about the Group too. I’ll probably cap membership if it gets too unwieldy. We’ll see how it goes. Making the group private gives us a little more freedom.

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