Jane New in her comedy days.
Jane New performing in her comedy days
Okay, you want to know all about Jane New!
Jane is based in Tasmania, Australia. She has no fixed address but lives in a camper on the back of an old truck. She’s usually somewhere in Tasmania or the Eastern side of Mainland Australia. She wrote this piece many years ago in an attempt to describe what it means to be a Tasmanian. She does leave sometimes, but she always comes back.
She was one of those shy, geeky kids who preferred being alone in her room with a book to interacting with other people. Books were her friends. She’s probably not as shy any more, and her friends these days usually have a pulse, but apart from that, she hasn’t changed a lot.
She loves nothing better than getting in her truck (it’s an actual truck, not an RV), travelling slowly to the next place, and waking up to the sound of birds, or the surf, or the wind in the trees.  Luckily she can write anywhere, thanks to solar panels and a converter.
In the course of a long and interesting life she’s been an accountant and a cook/housekeeper, picked grapes in the Hunter Valley, driven taxis, done stand-up comedy, and been a professional girlfriend.
Writing is the constant in her life. She’s tried to give it up many times, but the characters in her head won’t let her. She writes historicals and erotica, plus short stories in a variety of genres. She’s also working on an easily understandable workbook for personal financial management, as much for her own needs as anybody else’s.
She’s 70 and has no intention of stopping yet. What would she do? Sit at home and crochet?
Jane loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted on contact@thejanenew.com.au.
(c) Text and photo Jane New 2024
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