Jane’s Naughty Short Stories

Short, female-friendly, erotic fiction written by a woman, for women. (Men enjoy these stories too. As one male reviewer said, women write erotica so much better than men do.)

These stories are explicit and definitely NSFW. They’re brief, they’re sensual, and they’re fun!

Firstly, some free stories to whet your appetite…

Definitely Donna

Internet dating gone wrong – in the sexiest possible way.

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Reader review


“The build up was quite detailed. I enjoyed the first meeting, tension, awkwardness etc. The conversation which no one cares about except it makes the next part hot, the touching. Then the rest of the story flowed, hotter and nicely detailed. The end was funny, a bizarre little twist, gave it a romance novel touch. So I became aroused after the conversation, the electric energy you described was really believable, well done Jane!”

Graeme B., Cygnet


Sex… and washing the dishes.

This vignette is published only on this website.

Reader review


“I don’t know how many times I read this. Every day I think. It’s good.”

Danny B., Brighton

The following stories are available NOW on Amazon.

Good Housekeeper

(Tracy Jones Erotic Adventure #1)

Tracy’s a woman who adores everything about men (note plural), especially all the delicious things they can do to and with her body.

But when she answers an advert for a housekeeping job, she never expects the steamiest interview of her entire life.

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(Tracy Jones Erotic Adventure #2)

Tracy has a wonderful boss who provides the very best of fringe benefits, but she’s still up to her old tricks on the London Underground.

The handsome, blue-eyed stranger is perfect for her needs, and she baits her trap accordingly. This time, however, she gets a LOT more than she bargained for.

She’s still running the show though–or is she?

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Home Movies

Home movies cover image

(Tracy Jones Erotic Adventure #3)

Tracy’s boss and lover, Mr Browne, has an extremely naughty idea.

At first she’s not entirely sure she approves, but she soon discovers its unexpected benefits.

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Fabulous Furniture

Lucy’s buying a new bed, and Connor, the salesman, is only too happy to demonstrate its excellent features. After all, customer satisfaction is his number one priority.

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The Gardener

Tracy has a new lover.

Young, strong, and with a romantic streak a mile wide, he shares her love of food. But she’s already come to an agreement with Mr. Browne.

Is the gardener too strong a temptation for her?

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Out soon!

Stolen Weekend

Cover of Jane New's Stolen Weekend, out soon on Amazon

Tracy steals a weekend at the seaside with Chris, the gardener.

Everything’s going well – they might as well be an old married couple.

But is that what, and who, Tracy really wants?

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Stay tuned for exciting updates! Meanwhile, check out Jane’s other free short stories.

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