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Time Travel Romance

Dancing Time

The cover of Dancing Time, a time travel romance by Jane New, coming soon to Amazon.Rachel has always known she was born in the wrong century. Her clothing comes from second-hand shops, all her furniture is antique, and her hobby is haunting garage sales for ancient treasures.

Gabriel dreams of a beautiful, red-haired woman in a world where carriages without horses move faster than he would have ever believed was possible, and flying machines carry hundreds of people through the skies.

An old photograph, a brooch, and a thunderstorm unite the lovers, but other forces are determined to keep them apart.

Can Time really heal all wounds?

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The Sir Thomas Archer Series (Historical)

The Troubadour

France, 12th century…

Berenice de Freycinet believes herself to be a wife, not a widow. Although her husband left for the Crusades eight years ago she’s content to take care of their peaceful mountain valley until his return. Or until she has evidence he’s dead.

Her neighbour, Count Fulk – The Beast of Betizac – is feared by all, from the lowliest peasant in his fields to the King. After the death of his second wife the Count chooses Berenice to be his next bride.

Aided by his English lieutenant, Sir Thomas Archer, he plots Berenice’s abduction and subsequent marriage. As winter turns to spring everything proceeds according to plan.

Until a troubadour arrives at Berenice’s gate…

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The Troubadour has gone to the proofreaders to prepare for release in July, 2024!