Home Movies (Extract)

Being photographed or filmed is an interesting fantasy if you’re an exhibitionist. Tracy definitely qualifies for that description, and her boss, Mr Browne, understands her so well…

Home Movies

The cover of Jane New's erotic story Home Movies. Tracy's an exhibitionist, and she loves being photographed.


A short time later, Philip’s legs were between hers as she sat near the edge of his vast bed. His long, slim coc

k was embedded in her cunt while she rode him reverse cowgirl style, their favourite position. Philip loved her arse almost as much as he loved her tits, and right now, he clutched her cheeks with his l

ong-fingered hands and held her firmly in place upon him.

She leaned forward a little. His thumbs immediately got busy with all those sensitive nerve endings surrounding her anus.

I don’t want to come just yet, she thought, as she responded to the pace he set. This is just too glorious for words.

James stood in front of her, towering over her. His wide shoulders and broad chest filled her vision as his erection filled her mouth. She let it slide out a little, using her tongue on its satiny head. James moaned.

Two of Philip’s fingers slid into her arsehole as James’ cock slid back into her mouth. Tilting her head back so that her mouth and throat made an almost straight line, she let him in as far as he wanted to go, just for a second or two.

He withdrew from her mouth and groaned her name as his cum surged all over her tits.

“Rub it in,” she ordered, loving the freshly cut hay scent of it.

James dropped to his knees in front of her. He kneaded the slippery cum into her breasts, tugging at her sensitive nipples as he did so. Then one well-lubricated hand slid between her legs to find her clit.

Tracy screamed, her body convulsed, and her pent-up orgasm burst from her like an express train shooting out of a tunnel.

An instant later, Philip gave a few deep, hard thrusts and cried out too.

Afterwards the three of them lay together in Philip’s bed. Tracy idly traced patterns on Philip’s smooth chest, while James gently massaged her back, one of his muscular legs trapping hers.

“I’m the luckiest woman in the world,” she said, closing her eyes and allowing herself to float on the cloud of bliss created by being with both her lovers at the same time. Not to mention the excellent orgasm she’d just had. “At least for a little while longer.”

To be continued…

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