Delicious! (Extract)

The random stranger fantasy is, I suspect, a common one. This story takes the fantasy several steps further, as Nicholas pushes Tracy to the very edge of her comfort zone. Did I mention there’s a coffee shop in there too? What’s not to like!


Cover of Jane New's Delicious! A random stranger fantasy. Nicholas pushes Tracy to the very edge of her comfort zone.

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An extract from Tracy’s second erotic adventure

The grandfather clock striking the hour in the downstairs hall set the rhythm for the wonderfully hard cock currently sliding in and out of Tracy’s pussy.

What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. She adjusted herself a little to take Philip’s cock in more deeply. She had fallen asleep last night with her arse nestled comfortably in his crotch, after a pleasant and active evening in bed with her boss. Philip had lost the use of his legs after a car accident, but the rest of him worked just fine. Especially his long, slim cock, the head of which was currently brushing against her G-spot with every thrust.

It’s like he’s stroking me on the inside.

She lifted one leg and eased it over his, opening herself up to him. Wetting a couple of fingers with her own saliva, she reached between her legs to play with her clitoris, still tender from their fun last night. His cock nudged her fingers as she touched herself, exciting her even more.

Last night she had ridden him, her legs spread wide apart and her back arched. Philip loved for her to be on top. He played with her breasts, or held onto her arse, or stroked her thighs and used his thumb on her clit. Then he watched her face as she came, over and over again.

Speaking of coming, this orgasm wasn’t going to be long now. Philip’s hand on her hip held her in place while he plowed deeper into her, almost violent in his intensity. She pushed back onto him, wanting him deeper and harder.

Once more it happened, an explosion of pure pleasure. Tracy could never get enough of it. Through it she felt Philip’s final hard thrusts and heard his triumphant shout. His timing was impeccable, as always.

She let the leg she’d thrown over his relax, and snuggled back into his chest, his cock diminishing inside her. She knew in a moment her pussy would release it, but for now she wanted to hold on to the pleasure as long as she could. Philip’s arm wrapped around her, and his hand settled on one breast. He kissed the back of her neck.

“Good morning, dear girl.”

Tracy wasn’t a girl—she was well past forty—but she enjoyed Philip’s endearment. She wasn’t sure of his age, but he had to be at least a couple of decades older than she was. Not that it affected his performance, though.  He could put men a lot younger than he was to shame.

“Good morning, Philip,” she answered. “I’d better be doing something about your breakfast soon.”

“You can be my breakfast, Mrs. Jones.”

His long-fingered hand was exploring her body, toying with a nipple and sliding down her stomach, circling her navel on the way.

“I’d love to be, Philip, but I’ve promised my sister I’d go to see her this morning. She’s not been well.”

“Of course, Mrs. Jones, it had slipped my mind completely.” His hand stopped moving. She felt his semi-hard cock reluctantly leave her body. “What are you wearing today?”

“The navy suit, I think, with a plain white blouse. Heels, of course.”

“What underwear?”

“The pale pink set with little white bows.”

“Will you come and show me before you leave?”

“Of course, Mr. Browne.”

“And you’re catching the Tube?”

“Wouldn’t travel any other way.” She smirked. “Looking forward to it.”

“Do tell me all about your adventures on your return.”

“I intend to, Philip, I intend to. That’s half the fun!”

To be continued…


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