The Club (Extract)

Have you ever been to a sex club? Nicholas introduces Tracy to an entirely new experience.

The Club

Coming to Amazon in early June, 2024.

An extract from Tracy’s seventh erotic adventure.


They reached a room at the foot of the steps. Initially bright lights blinded her, but once her eyes adjusted, she discovered they were in an adult shop. Explicitly illustrated boxes and plastic packages festooned the walls. Everything from dildos and whips to butt plugs and French maid costumes hung from racks, filling every metre of wall space.

Tracy giggled. “You’re taking me shopping, Nicholas? How sweet!”

“You’re welcome to anything that catches your fancy, my dear.” He leered at her comically, like a character from a pantomime, before turning to a scruffy man behind the counter.

She laughed, enjoying the adventure and the company of her young, sexy escort.

She wandered over to the displays of merchandise. A huge, black dildo caught her eye. She fondled it through its wrapper. Just a little too big, she thought, and nowhere near as much fun as the real thing. She returned it to the rack.

The possibilities of a clit pump captured her imagination as she continued around the room. Would a device really be able to compete with the feel of a man’s lips and tongue? She’d read that some women preferred it. She doubted if they had met anyone like Nicholas, James, or Philip. Not to mention Katashi, a true master of the craft.

Nicholas appeared at her side. “Come with me,” he whispered.

“But I…”

“This will be better than anything you could buy here, I promise.”

To be continued…

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